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'Pooles Park Primary School recognises the importance of contact with nature, for pupils, staff and visitors. At Pooles Park we raise awareness of biodiversity and sustainable practices to educate future generations. We look after our garden as a resource for local children and the wider community'. Greg Crawford - Headteacher You are welcome to come and visit our fantastic Environmental Education Project here at Pooles Park School.

Our Environmental Education journey began twelve years ago when we embarked upon a project to become a more sustainable school for the benefit of our school community and our natural environment. In addition to recycling, reducing our waste and being more conscious about energy use within our school, we were able to secure funding to install a large array of solar panels on our school’s roof, which generates 25% of our total electricity usage. Also, with the vision that every child should have the opportunity to grow up connected with nature, to learn through being outside amidst their natural environment, exploring wildlife, sowing seeds, nurturing plants, watching them grow, eating the roots, leaves and fruits of the edible plants and understanding the importance of the rest, we began to enhance our school garden, a good sized grassed area at the back of our school, for much needed outdoor learning experiences. As our project has positively evolved and grown from strength to strength each year, so too has the number and variety of people from our school, local and wider community, who also participate in the development and maintenance of our project as well as furthering their knowledge and acquiring new land based skills. Our vision and practise now includes everyone. Providing a local, green space, our school garden, where as many people as possible from our community can have opportunities to do just this is the purpose of our project.

Speakers include Greg Crawford - Headteacher (Pooles Park School), Sophia Ioannou - Environmental Tutor (Plant Environment) and Daniel Knight - Energy Conservation Officer (Islington Council)

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