SKA for Higher Education: exploring the new benchmark for sustainable fit outs

Overbury, London School of Economics



Hear about the new SKA for Higher Education scheme that has been designed by the industry, for the industry.

An introduction will be provided from those involved in creating the scheme followed by a case study of the scheme in use at the London School of Economics Library. The recently refurbished ground floor space at the LSE Life centre was recently completed using SKA rating to create a sustainable working environment for staff and students.

Opportunities for sustainability within the higher education sector's property portfolio will be discussed and the challenges of working across multi-use spaces explored.

Dr Joe Croft, Head of Environmental and Sustainability, Overbury – An introduction to SKA HE and how it challenges traditional approaches.

Jon Emmett, Acting Head of Sustainability, LSE - Why SKA? Practical implications, challenges and opportunities for using the tool within the university’s portfolio.
Emily Rissom, Associate, Architecture PLB - Designing for SKA. Opportunities and challenges for sustainable design.
Camilla Read, Environmental & Sustainability Manager, Overbury – First past the post with two SKA HE assessments for LSE and City University, Overbury share their experience.

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