Healthy New Towns and Community Wellbeing from a Public and Private Sector perspective

IBI Group, NHS England, GB Partnerships

In order for our healthcare systems to remain sustainable, a new and radical approach is required to match diminishing resources with the varying demands of declining public health and rising morbidity, increasing life expectancy, and the expectations of those who are in the fortunate position of regarding health as a ‘resource for everyday life’.

Collaboration and innovation between the public and private sectors will be critical in optimising opportunities to implement progressive, innovative ideas supportive of individual and community wellbeing.

IBI Group will be hosting an informative discussion around Healthy Communities, which through examining current developments around Healthy New Towns, and the development of Wellbeing Neighbourhoods, the panel will present thoughts as to how these will impact on the evolution of London as an open city in 2040.

Speakers at the event:

Justin Harris, Studio Principal, Architect, IBI Group
Richard Coe, Senior Development Manager, Kajima
Nikki Hopkins, Director, Wellbeing Neighbourhoods
Daniel McDonnell, Strategy Programme Manager, NHS England

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