Designing for a decarbonising grid

Hoare Lea LLP, LB Lambeth, Woodward Energy Consulting


The carbon content of the UK electric grid is changing for the better as a result of the steady closing of coal fired power plants, and the increase in renewable energy capacity.

This session will be a discussion of the impacts this change could have on building design. With gas carbon content expected to remain unchanged, and electricity carbon content steadily decreasing, will Combined Heat and Power (CHP) become obsolete? Will Air Source Heat Pumps become prevalent? Is a Passivhaus design approach more appropriate? What might the future hold?

The debate will feature industry professionals from different sides of design teams:

- Hoare Lea sustainability, Passivhaus, and energy infrastructure specialists presenting impacts on energy strategies and planning, building design, and utilities supply, including:
- Expected updates to carbon factors and distribution efficiencies within Building Regulations
- Impacts on future low-carbon building design, incl. exemplar passive design and potential changes to mechanical and electrical systems designs
- Impact to grid resilience and energy supply
- An Energy Service Company providing insight into current installations and plant replacement strategies
- A client’s perspective by Lambeth Council, giving their thoughts on why they have started to move away from district heating and CHP

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