London's suburbs as untapped source for housing delivery

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Supurbia is a proposition that explores the latent potential within London’s metroland suburbs to grow and provide housing of the right type in the right places, keeping communities in place.
The substantial potential for growth in London’s suburbs can no longer be ignored; growth here has become an essential proposition as the pressure for more homes in the capital grows. Brownfield land, estate regeneration schemes and high density development aside, there is simply not enough capacity unless London expands into the green belt. The answer is by no means straightforward.

There is much scepticism where it comes to changing the way we think and plan for change, especially if it concerns people’s homes. Suburban London tends to be romanticised but it is changing in front of our very eyes. To make change happen here, the people living in these areas must form a central component of change. With a bit of imagination and planning policy support, the significant latent potential of suburban London can be unleashed. We are not suggesting providing homes at any cost, but suitable, attractive homes, creating more sustainable places, and thriving communities. As such suburbia can be transformed into ‘Supurbia’.

Speaker: Scott Adams from HTA - Senior Associate, Senior Designer

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