The Power of Parametric – High performance design using integrated computational tools

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The integration of environmental strategies within the design process has always been a challenging process especially when using traditional methods of analysis that had limitations in speed, efficiency, complexity and adapting to design changes. HOK’s latest research, through our in-house High Performance Design Lab, has led to developing environmentally responsive parametric tools and processes that work seamlessly with our design teams. This is integrated from the very early stages of the concept, thus helping maximize overall building performance.

As they are based on a parametric environment, the tools are very versatile, fast, economical, can be applied to any design projects in any location, and provide a continuous feedback loop thus optimizing the form finding process. They are meant to address specific environmental issues even on the most complex building forms thus saving time and increasing efficiency. The event will serve as a platform to share our experience in planning, designing and analyzing high performance buildings which will include the HOK 6 steps to integrating sustainability and how it guides our design ethos.


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