Healing by design: Discussing the future of sustainable healthcare

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Integrated design is pushing the boundaries of healthcare. Foster + Partners will host an interdisciplinary discussion on the future of healthcare buildings, focusing on how we can improve the wellbeing of users while reducing environmental impact. It will also look at how data and feedback can make a meaningful contribution to the healthcare design process, while examining future challenges in the context of climate change and shifting demographics.

Hattie Hartman, The Architects’ Journal Sustainability Editor, will moderate the event, which will bring together four complementary perspectives on the process of healthcare design:

• The architect: Nigel Dancey (Head of Studio, Foster + Partners) will talk about rethinking the traditional approach to healthcare with innovative design practice.

• The environmental designer. Anis Abou Zaki (Partner, Foster + Partners) will focus on the environmental and sustainability challenges associated with healthcare buildings and how to accommodate people’s needs within a reduced environmental footprint.

• The healthcare planner. Lucy Kalogerides (CEO, Kalogerides Consulting) will discuss the technical and regulatory limitations of designing healthcare buildings.

• The user. Laura Lee (CEO, Maggie’s) will give her view on how design can improve patient recovery, staff wellbeing and visitor experience. These presentations will be followed by an open debate, which will be an opportunity to reflect on how design impacts the delivery of healthcare, and what directions it may take in the future.

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