Embodied Carbon: Refurbish or Rebuild

ECD Architects Ltd.

Refurbishment is usually considered a better alternative than demolition due to the embodied carbon present in the materials to construct the building. While low energy refurbishment should lead to significant whole life operational energy reductions, what is the associated embodied carbon? And would it have been better to demolish and rebuild to low-energy instead of refurbishment? How much does this depend on the original structure prior to demolition?

A case study in London will be used which is a medium high-rise tower - some of which will be demolished and some of which will be refurbished. We look forward to share and discuss with you our work on demolition + rebuild versus low energy building refurbishment, including data on a live ECD project case study and bringing together and reflecting on research by others. We will be focusing on what are the arguments and evidence for or against building demolition and building retrofit?

The discussion will include:

  • an overview on most up-to-date evidence and research of demolition vs retrofit, including embodied carbon implications;
  • ECD project case study to understand embodied energy/carbon of demolition + rebuild versus retrofit
  • cost implications and other incentives for demolition + rebuild vs retrofit

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