Bringing nature into the city



What does it mean for a city to be open? It means having policymakers, decision-makers and implementers fully open and ready to address the challenges of urban sustainability.

We will take you through the Synergy House project as a real-life example of this ethos and concept being fulfilled. As an eco-construction business, we understand the need for green sky thinking to be grounded in practical solutions. So we will discuss the very hands-on approach we took to push the Synergy House project through.

How did we secure planning permission to construct a large exterior living wall in London? Seeing is believing so we invite you to Synergy House to see, up-close, the transformational impact the living wall has on the streetscape. We will review the ecological vision shared by planners, architects, constructors and horticulturalists which aligned to achieve a shared aim: to bring nature into the city! This, after all, is a microcosm of what it takes to build an open city.

Speakers: Richard Sabin, Managing Director, Biotecture and Tim Wraight, Development Manager, Biotecture

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