Circular Building | A Learning Journey



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Arup will share its learning on how the circular economy can benefit the industry and the built environment. We will reflect on the commercial, social and environmental opportunities of employing circular principles. This includes the impacts on design, procurement, construction, operation and deconstruction of a building.

Exploring how the industry achieves true circularity Arup has prompted conversations between the designers, contractors and the wider supply chain around ownership of assets and new business models. Arup will share its learning on conversations with material suppliers, and how we are all responding to demands for circular products. We will also delve into how components are assembled and the inherent value that we create over the life of a building. Sharing our thinking on waste, which we believe is material without information; Arup will suggest this is why at the end of a building’s life, materials cannot easily be re-used as key information, such as their chemical composition or strength, is not available.

Our learning journey will also explore the potential for circular economy thinking to be incorporated into the preparation of masterplans and development briefs, thus influencing clients to ensure exemplar standards can be achieved.

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