Exploring how Google use materials to deliver healthy buildings

Kings Cross, Mott MacDonald, Google - This event is now fully booked, please register on the waiting list

There's a saying that you are what you eat. The same idea applies to architecture. A building is the sum of its parts—framing, insulation, flooring, cladding, windows, carpet, furniture etc. While you can read an ingredient list on most foods and make an informed decision about what you're going to consume or avoid, the same isn't true for architectural products. While benign in appearance, they could contain noxious chemicals and substances that can result in the air pollution inside a building being worse than it is on the outside.

Google recognise this and have developed Portico, a material analysis and decision making tool that is used by the whole project team to ensure all materials that are put within the building meet strict criteria in the aim of helping Google in their mission of creating healthy places for their employees and all of those who interact with Google buildings.

Argent have utilised this tool on delivering several buildings for Google at King’s Cross, including Google’s UK headquarters. This chaired discussion includes speakers from the developers, designers, and manufacturers to explore the challenges and successes of utilising Portico in delivering buildings that promote healthy and happy employees.

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