Massive Passiv: Applying the Passivhaus principles to larger scale developments

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As London continues to undergo major redevelopment, should larger scale projects be going further to incorporate more sustainable credentials? This event will explore how the principles of the Passivhaus Standard can be applied to large-scale schemes, using the student residential typology as an example. Invited speakers with a range of expertise on the subject will discuss questions such as:

  • Are the Passivhaus standards transferrable to student residences and similar large scale developments?
  • Should the industry be doing more to integrate these principles?
  • What are the challenges to overcome?
  • Who benefits?
  • What is the value to the end-user experience?

The event is designed to be an open forum for sharing ideas and experience on how we can stay on the path towards ever more sustainable developments. Speakers will include ArchitecturePLB’s in-house Passivhaus Designer, along with a number of speakers from across the industry.

To be hosted at ArchitecturePLB’s London office.

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