Green Sky Thinking Week 2014

From 28 April - 2 May over 1,800 professionals attended the B2B onsite and live project events of Green Sky Thinking Week.

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2014 in Numbers

  • 56 events across London in 5 days
  • 60% of participants new to the programme this year
  • Over 1,800 attendees
  • 8 local authorities involved (Islington, Brent, Camden, Hackney, Lewisham, Sutton, Westminster)
  • 1 new Programme Partner - Mott MacDonald
  • 1 new Spotlight event - Thinking Green 20 x 20
  • 95% of attendees think that Green Sky Thinking Week raises the sustainability agenda in the industry
  • 81% of attendees found the events very insightful in learning about sustainable solutions
  • 82% of attendees want to be involved in Green Sky Thinking next year
  • 91% of attendees thought that 'civic engagement' is fundamental to creating a green city



Open-City’s remit to connect People, Place and Practice has been central to the development of Green Sky Thinking Week since 2011. The week has continually showcased the built environment practice alongside the places greening has been achieved. It 2014 the programmes greatest success has been to highlight the people who have lead the agenda. Coming full circle -the programme linked the people who have been at the forefront of delivering sustainable change with those who will be affected by this change - the occupant, user, staff, client.

gst3Sustainability – Not just for the deep greens
2014 has seen a significant shift in the discussion of sustainability away from hard-tech and environmental values towards a holistic and cross-disciplinary debate. ‘Sustainability’ was considered across issues of asset obsolescence, staff productivity, global-city competitiveness, and social health. The range of attendees similarly emphasises the broadening of industry interest in the sustainable agenda. Where 2011 saw a predominance of ‘talking to the deep green converted’ attendees, 2014 witnessed a broader and more diverse range of stakeholders in attendance.

gst5Influence policy
The sponsorship of the Mayor’s office and the Greater London Authority in 2014 is a significant step in Green Sky Thinking Week’s effectiveness to provide a forum of open dialogue between policy-makers and business’ about the sustainability agenda. The purpose of the programme is to enhance understanding and aid decision-making abilities to all those interested. The involvement of the GLA, alongside 8 local authorities and numerous independent parties continues to develop the programmes’ influence.

Event Reviews

Open-City will launch the 2014 programme on Wednesday 23 April at City Hall. Hosted by the Greater London Authority, the launch event brought together 120 leading professionals to debate the critical question of how we move London toward a sustainable future.

The programme of 2014 covered themes: Adapataion, Livability, Value, Performance. Read the event reviews and discussion summaries.

Hear what attendees of the week thought about Green Sky thinking. What interested them the most, what they learnt and why they'll come back in 2015.

The SCIN Gallery hosted the spotlight event of Green Sky Thinking Week 2014 - a quick-fire Pecha Kucha 20 seconds 20 slides event. The talks were from seven of Londons most interesting, provocative thinkers and designers. The event was focused on championing real innovation and creativity in devising sustainable solutions for the city with a major focus on community-based temporary uses of space.

Open-City would like to thank all the sponsors, supporters and participants of Green Sky Thinking Week 2014.


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