Media and Press of Green Sky Thinking Week 2012

04.10.12 - Aquatecture: Blue Water Thinking (The Architects' Journal)
03.10.12 - Behind the Scenes at Slip House (The Architects' Journal)
27.09.12 - Thinking outside the brief: Arup 'gets' green sky week (5sensecity)
27.09.12 - Increased awareness  of green infrastructure is an immdieiate Olympic legacy
(The Architects' Journal: Print Version)
27.09.12 - Stimulating debates at Green Sky Thinking (The Architects' Journal: Print Version)
25.09.12 - Green Sky Thinking: What Would Walter Do? (The Architects' Journal)
24.09.12 - Green Sky Thinking: district heating for London unraveled (The Architects' Journal)
21.09.12 - Green Sky Thinking: Green Tea – Fit for the Future? (The Architects' Journal)
19.09.12 - Green Sky Thinking: Urban ecology at the Phoenix Garden(The Architects' Journal)
19.09.12 - Green Sky Thinking: Ash Sakula's 'Adaptable' (The Architects' Journal)
19.09.12 - Green Sky Thinking Week (British Council of Offices)
18.09.12 - Green Sky Thinking: Scott Brownrigg 'carbon minus' design (The Architects' Journal)
18.09.12 - Green Sky Thinking: Retrofit in conservation areas (The Architects' Journal)
17.09.12 - Private sector must lead the way on sustainability (Building Design)
14.09.12 - Green Sky Thinking Launches (The Architects' Journal)
13.09.12 - London Design Festival – Green Sky Thinking 2012 (London Design Festival)
13.09.12 - Green Sky Thinking 2012 in London (LennEN)
01.09.12 - Green Sky Thinking Week (Sustain: Print Version)
17.08.12 - Coming soon: Open-City launches Green Sky Thinking 2012 (The Architects' Journal)
06.08.12 - Last chance: Join Open-City’s Green Sky Thinking week (The Architects' Journal)
07.07.12 - Showcase your expertise in Open-City’s Green Sky Thinking Week 2012 (AECB)

Filmed event of 'What Would Walter Do?' by Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios

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